Marcie Hamrick, M.D. - Board-Certified Holistic Family Medicine Physician

Since February 2013, I've begun working for Qliance, a direct primary care organization, at their newest clinic in Edmonds.

For information about Qliance, please go to their website:

For information about direct primary care, please see

As part of the Affordable Care Act, Qliance is contracted with Coordinated Care/Apple Health (Medicaid) as well as Ambetter (an insurance option on the exchange). People who have either of these insurances, or who work with an employer who has contracted with Qliance may become members of Qliance and receive unlimited access to primary care with no co-pays or deductibles.

You may also join Qliance as an individual. Often people choose to have a catastrophic health insurance plan, and use Qliance as their go-to for primary care, and pay less than they would for a lower-deductible health care plan!




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